America, The World’s Elephant!

America has been criticized for having back in 2005, some 700-military installations throughout the world, in 132-countries.

Now, eleven years past, more or less the same!

A Nobel Critic in the past decade has inferred America wants to control the world, and its resources (so does China and Russia)

This is not laughable, but perhaps there is some truth to it.

The standing acceptance of America being the most powerful country in the world is true: even Obama voiced this the other day, in his Union Address.

Here is the difference: China overpowered Tibet, Russia will if it could overpower Eastern Europe as it once did and now is taking bites out of Georgia and the Ukraine.

North Korea wants South Korea-without its loudspeakers.

And Iran wants to rule the whole Middle East.

And a horde of other countries their bullying is pathetic, it has become the Africa, with neighbors to neighbor.

Now let me point out the theme I’m leading up to: the cathedrals of Europe, Ukraine updates    the Taj Mahal, the pyramids of Egypt, the Great Enclosure of Zimbabwe, the Citadel of Haiti, and I can go on and on, were all built by starving peasants and slaves.

Should the world wish to see these late medieval monarchs return?

Perhaps our leaders have to be that way, -stern with the likes of the old Czars returning to Russia, like Putin.

The main thing we as Americans need to watch is that the America, the world’s elephant does not come to be a monster-

At the same time I must say this Nobel Critic, lived in a sea of gravy, he has recently passed on.

A US President, once said, if we need 10,000-solders to get the job done, bring in 100,000.


He was a WWII, hero, he know how to win battles.

Being an old soldier, I can answer why he said and did what he did: to make the outcome most predictable.

Obama has never been a soldier, never has had to fight for freedom, taste dirt, or sweat behind his ears in a war-

The closest he came to war is with fifty-body guards, visiting on a whim, Afghanistan.

In the 21st Century, I realize each president has the new power-brokers around-a new game, everybody wants to be president: the baker and even the candlestick maker: but that’s the way it is, we vote for whom empresses us the most: movie stars, singers, we vote for entertainment, not qualifications.

These movie stars, are way out of balance, stick to your pretend trade.

This same critic has voiced his distain that we have in America, and the Nobel critic is not American, over two-million folk in prisons, but that is the nature of the beast, we have 300-million people to watch over.


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