An Overview of Hospice Services

Most families avoid hospice services. Many do not discuss it as they fear sadness and stress. What is more alarming is few know this is different from nursing home services. The following are pointers to know about hospice residences and in home hospice care.

What is a nursing home?

A nursing home is an institution that gives care to elderly patients. Patients reside in these places as a staff caters to their daily needs.

In the past, nursing homes looked more like medical facilities, but many now have a home-like ambiance. They have common areas that welcome families. Some even have open areas built for socializing. There are even those with entertainment halls and craft areas.

Contrary to popular belief, nursing homes do not provide hospice services. These places cater to people who need medical attention and have chances to recover.

What is a hospice care inn?

A hospice inn provides end of life care. Similar to hospitals, these places also have a medical staff on hand. The main difference, however, is the place does not expect patient recovery. They know patients come in needing care, but they do not ignore the reality that comes after. These residential inns have personnel to monitor patients. These individuals see to it patients stay comfortable. Some also provide in-house counseling to deal with any event.

How important is hospice services?

Hospice services provide relief for both the patients and their families.  hospice care in los angeles When a patient enters a hospice inn, the patient gets the attention he or she deserves. These places help preserve dignity even when this person may soon pass away. The institute also relieves burden from family members as they take care for the ailing individual. As they provide this service, family members can carry on with their lives.

What is an in home service?

In home hospice care is a service wherein professionals provide monitoring in a patient’s house rather than the inn. Professionals may either be nurses or qualified assistants giving the service. They help give medication and in pain management. They may also help with bathing or other activities.

Some in home hospice care services also bring medical equipment into the home. These devices will help in case a medical problem occurs.

Isn’t this more of escapism then?

While hospice inns provide care, it does not mean people involved ignore the reality. These places are open for visits anytime a family member so chooses. Some inns even allow overnight stays if enough space is available.

There are also counseling services to deal with the situation. If patients are healthy enough, they can talk with professionals to discuss their feelings. These chats help them prepare mentally so they can be at peace. The same holds true for family members. These talks help release tensions and can even help fight depression. The facilities and/or service provide a holistic approach so all parties concerned can prepare.


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