Becoming a Real Estate Agent – Qualifications

Every state has a different set of qualifications that uses to license a real estate agent. Generally speaking, though, there are some standard items that have to be met. These include education and licensing. Let’s take a look at the basic qualifications to become a real estate agent.

Education. In almost every state, you have to take certain courses mandated by the governing agency. For some, this means just a few classes. In other states, it’s a slate of several courses that will require a few months to complete. These can be taken at real estate colleges or at major community colleges or universities. You can get the list of requirements at your state real estate licensing website.

If you took your courses in another state, you may have to submit your certified transcript as proof. Then you can jump forward to taking the certification exam. Not every class will be accepted, however, so just be prepared.

Foreign classes may or may not transfer over, so check with the state agency in charge. You may also need a foreign credentials check done.

In most estates, if you are transitioning from a legal career and you passed the bar, you can skip the education requirements. Again, check with your state for complete details.

You may have to take some additional courses depending on your brokerage. Not every brokerage or agency has this requirement, but it is a worthy question to ask during the interview. You can work for the brokerage without taking those extra courses, but you could not be involved in any real estate dealings.

Licensing. Every state requires that you take an exam. There is also a national test that may be required. Successfully passing this exam is only the start, however. You may need to submit to a criminal background or credit check. After completing both of these, you will be required to pay your license fee. That fee can range in cost from fairly inexpensive up to several hundred dollars, depending on your state. Submit the fee with your application and be ready to give the application a few weeks to process.

Being licensed in one state does not automatically mean you  property turkey can transfer that license to another state. You may have to go through that state’s certification process even if your license is current. The website of the licensing agency will be able to tell you.

Becoming a Realtor. Some brokerages will require that you join the National Association of Realtors and complete their requirements. You’ll join the local chapter and pay dues, but it will tell your clients that you have agreed to the NAR’s code of ethics.

Having your start-up fees. You will need to provide your own funds to get started with, in most cases. This means you will be required to pay for your postcards, business cards, and advertising. If you don’t have the funds, you may not meet the minimum qualifications for your brokerage or agency.

Knowing what is expected of you early in the process can save you time and frustration down the road. Take a few moments now to see what you will need to have done before applying for your license.


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