Gambling Temptation

It is considered the gambling Mecca and the Disneyland for adults. Bright lights and big city action could only mean Las Vegas. In every corner of the city there is some form of gambling available. From slot machines to Roshambo, there is more ways to gamble than one can imagine. The atmosphere spells “fun” for most adults. However, this atmosphere can lead to a fever and later sickness. Before you truly realize the impact, you are living a constant hell of gambling temptation.

The consequence for falling into the gambling cycle can be immense. Defining a gambling cycle is really quite simple. It is based on a feast or famine theory in terms of addiction MEGAGAME. Addicted gamblers often spend more money than intended resulting many times in a dramatic loss of funds. This is the feast as all available money is squandered carelessly. In return, the individual’s cash supply is depleted until perhaps their next payday. Depending on the pay source, this may take up to one month. The long break from the gambling rush is popularly known as a famine. This theory remains one of the driving forces in a gambling addiction.

Gambling has been recently labeled as the fastest growing addiction inside the United States. It has been a long known fact that some gamblers wager their car titles or even house mortgages. Because of these reactions, gambling has proven itself to be a very potentially dangerous addiction. Like all major addictions, it also has its own “trigger” point for the victims. In other words, gambling possesses a climax of satisfaction for its patrons. For example, an alcoholic’s trigger point is achieving a constant state of euphoria. The uniqueness of a gambling addiction is the floating trigger point. Unlike other vices where the climax is somewhat preset, wagering has a constantly raising level of satisfaction. Basically the more a gambler wins the more he or she wants. The addictive ingredient in any gambling establishment is simply adrenaline. Every player receives a rollercoaster rush whether they are winning or losing. This rush is what ultimately turns plain fun into pure addiction.

As gambling becomes a bigger and more popular source of entertainment, addictions will inevitably increase. There remains no real safeguard against this growing horrible sickness. Families and lives will continue to be crushed until definitive action is taken. This measure of action can only be taken from an individual stand point. Productive members of society must stay firm to protect themselves from the long term gambling wreckage. Perhaps in time this will serve as inspiration for a complete and utter halt to the gambling industry.

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