How To Plan A House Move

For anyone, moving to another house involves a lot of different emotions. While there is the sadness of leaving a place, which they called their “home” for years, there is also the excitement of exploring another area, where they would be living for the years to come. Accompanied with all this is the stress of preparing the whole move rightly. Nothing can be done about the pain that people feel while leaving their current house, but to make the move more efficient and less stressful there is a lot that can be done. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to plan a house move effectively and thus, usually people run into many costly mistakes.

One of most crucial aspects of planning a house move is packing. moving services hong kong To avoid the state of chaos and confusion at the last-minute, it is best to start packing as early as possible. The earlier you pack, the lesser stress you have to face on the day of moving. As it is implausible to pack all your belongings months before the moving day, first fix the date when the move would occur and then start packing the things. Once the date is finalized, start packing the items which you do not use regularly, such as seasonal clothing, knickknacks and holiday decor.

While packing the items in the boxes or cartons, make sure to clearly label them all. Ask the movers to place each of the boxes in rooms, which they have been marked for. This would make sure that you do not have to scout hundreds of cartons to look for the ones which have to go into specific rooms of the house. If you label the cartons clearly, then it would not be difficult to have them placed in rooms to which they actually belong.

If you are planning to use professional movers, then schedule them no less than two months before the moving day. If you are having any delicate or expensive items which need special care, then let them know beforehand, so that they can arrange for the needed service in advance. This would also give you a clear idea about whether or not the moving company that you are intending to hire has some extra charges for taking care of pricey or delicate objects.

Fill out the change of residential address forms prior to the move. It is definitely easier to go to the closest post office branch a couple of days prior to the move and fill out these forms, than doing it all on your last day in the house. Besides this, it is also advisable to print out some new residential address cards and send them to friends, relatives and other acquaintances, so that they can send housewarming gifts or mail the holiday cards at correct address. The last tip is to pack a bag containing all that stuff which you would require immediately after reaching the new house, such as water, sheets, blankets, toothbrushes, toiletries and clothes. This would help you stay prepared for the job of unpacking the goods.


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