Tips on Kissing Or Kissing on Tips? How About You Decide

Deep Kiss is the kiss of two people who know each other inside and out and love it. There is even a sideways kiss, if you can imagine it. These are some of my tips on kissing that are a good beginning and sometimes just fun reading.

The mouth is a funny thing sometimes. Kisses are a resounding and eloquent way of using your mouth to say something without making a sound. Kisses are also significant of so many symbolic gestures and phrases of speech, that it is no wonder kissing can make or break the decision on continuing a relationship with you. This can all be determined simply by the way you kiss.

Kissing is important to women, and even though men say, ‘not so much’, I do not believe it. If a woman kisses all crazy and weird; then I bet, that even if it were the only problem, the ‘guy’ would still leave. The woman would simply teach the guy how to kiss and provide him with tips on kissing her. Just the way she wants. Which is obviously the smarter move. But for the most part, the KISS, decides whether or not there will be any more, ‘getting to know you’ or not. Therefore, it is crucial.

One problem…. There is more than one way to kiss.

Although, there are many ways of kissing and kissing well, there are still some general guidelines to follow in order to make the kiss worth the while. First tip, is to take is slow. Slowly find out what is acceptable and what is reciprocal. If you just jump on in there and start waggling your tongue, I bet you a dollar that you never kiss that person again!

The First Kiss, is the most important kiss of all. It should always be slow and soft, gentle, meek and testing in nature. Gently press your lips together with slow and deliberate care. Do not open the mouth of the one you are kissing but let both of your mouths open each others naturally. Then, proceed with still gentle caresses of very slow movement, licking each others tongue.

The Hard Kiss, is genuinely the kiss of two people who have kissed before. And sometimes this kiss is the result after a long absence. Usually done in passion, after a long wait then, suddenly together. This can be tender but still not forceful. Nothing beyond what is being arrived at between the two tongues. Even in passion, everything should be on equal ground, in order for the kissing to be good. The hard kiss can come from the building up of anticipation, until both of the kissers, just cannot take it any longer. Then, they kiss hard.

Deep Kissing, is the act of expressive connection.  918kiss apk It also ends just how it sounds, deep inside the mouth. Most kisses should begin slow and build. When kissing someone that you really love, try to begin softly by kissing their lower lip. Then, work your way up to kissing of the whole, lips to lips kiss.

The Sideways Kiss, kissing sideways is always the result of a long sensual kiss. This is one of my favorites. After kissing for so long a spell and in so many excellent fashions, your faces inevitably turn a little, while lips still connecting, to face the same direction. Cheek to cheek while flickering each others tongues together with the corners of your mouths’ in full contact is just so sensual. It feels really erotic to me.

Tips on kissing should be more available to people. There are some really good kissers out there. It is a natural skill though I believe it can also be taught. Someone should teach the delicate art of kissing. That is just it though, it is delicate, and that is a good pointer on learning the basics. Kissing is delicate. Of course, this is just my opinion but; kissing is by far the most sensual act anyone two people can ever do or experience, when it comes to sex. It is also the most intimate way for two people to really connect with each other.

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