To Have A Good Sleep, Check The Mattress Stores

I love to sleep and I always try to grab any opportunity that comes my way to take a power nap. But at home, I have a hard time getting myself in the proper mood to sleep. I keep on rolling and tossing in bed. Good thing, I don’t have a partner that may get disturbed by my frequent action. At first I thought it was the room temperature but then it’s not. Then I tried shifting positions, using earplugs and mask. Nothing worked until I tried changing mattress. Since then I had the best night sleep ever. To have that good night sleep, your mattress matters.

There are different types of mattress. I’m sure you have encountered some of them at the mattress stores but let us get to know them one by one.

1. Innerspring mattress. This type of mattress has coil springs in the core. This is the standard type of mattress and the longest used kind in the household.

2. Memory foam mattress. This are often called visco-elasti AKSOUL electric pump c foam. They are new and becoming popular in the market. It follows the contour of your body giving you the most needed support depending on the body contact you made with the mattress. It got its name from remembering the contour of your body making the mattress very slow to return to its original shape. This type of mattress was initially designed for astronauts to protect them from the intense gravitational force.

3. Latex mattress. This kind of mattress share the same kind of excellent support and stability of memory foam mattress. The difference lies where the latex lacks the conforming nature of the memory foam and the recovery time. However, this is a very good alternative of the memory foam. Latex mattress is slowly losing its command in the market but loyal followers are still praising its balanced support and durability.

4. Air mattress. This is an inflatable sleeping pad. Its buoyancy makes it a nice swimming device. It is made of PVC plastic vinyl but recent development used rubber version of the bed. This can be deflated and rolled and stored whenever not in use. It is good for camping and other outdoor activities. It helps people suffering from back pain because it can be adjusted to accommodate different body sizes and weight.

5. Water-beds. If we have an air mattress, there is also a water bed. This bed is made of plastic and filled with water. It gives you the feeling of floating in water while you lie down. This is intended for medical treatment. A hard-sided water bed is framed with wood while a soft-sided water bed is inside sturdy foam. They are usually heated to the desired temperature that can make you feel relaxed. Recent science discoveries improved the quality of water beds by reducing the wave action that may disturb sleep.

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